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About copper

Among the common scrap metals that you can recycle in our yard, copper metal is the most valuable type of scrap metal. Copper is one of the most reliable indicator of the global economy. It is known as “Dr Copper” because its trading cash value indicates the health of the global economy. It is highly relied upon, highly valued and widely utilized metallic element within every aspect of a society undergoing a serious growth phase. Therefore, it is always in demand in countries that are expanding or developing at a fast pace.

Scrap copper price

We follow the LME price closely to ensure that our copper prices remain competitive at all times. Just like selling gold, you will not receive the actual full market value when you sell scrap copper. This is because dealers must pay a smelter, someone who melts the copper, up to a certain percent of the value to refine the metal and also many other cost like shipping and transport cost.  As such, you’ll receive the balance which is still in the high end range of 90% of the LME value, depending on the grade of the copper.

Click here for the 3 months price chart to see the latest copper price trend. Copper price fluctuates almost daily due to several factors. We have written an article that explains what factors might affect the price of copper. 


Different grades of copper

For people who are serious into copper recycling, you will find out in this section how to classify different grades of copper. Scrap yards in Singapore take in all kinds of scrap copper, but they pay different prices for different grades. We advise that you separate your copper into their respective grades before heading down to any scrap yard. Having done so, you will be paid more when you sell your scrap copper. If you mix them altogether, some scrap yard may just pay you the lowest grade that is among the mixture. If you are still unsure after reading this page, just drop us a whatsapp message and we will guide you along.  

Here is a brief summary of the different grades of copper ; 

Grade 1 copper

  • Bright bare copper from insulated wires and cables

Grade 2 copper

  • Copper pipe
  • Bus bar
  • Tinned copper 
  • Copper tape
  • Burnt #1 copper
  • Greasy bright copper
  • Copper with water block tape

Grade 3 copper & others

  • Copper turning
  • Copper coil in motors
  • Copper ash/powder

Grade 1 / No.1 Copper / M1 Copper

The most valuable and highest paying grade of copper. 

This type of copper is usually recovered from copper cables and wires after going through a stripping process. Its clean and un-coated surface make it easy to reuse or recycle, and demand a high market price compared to other base metals. As such, it is usually the first thing that scrap collectors look for.

  • Stripped from any form of insulation.
  • The thickness of each strand of copper should be more than 2.5mm in general ( As a guide, the pencil lead that we use in school).
  • Clean & bright.
  • Free from any form of contaminants which includes signs of oxidation and very negligible amount of patina. 
copper tape
tinned copper
Scrap copper
scrap copper

Grade 2/ No. 2 Copper/ M2

A few kind of coppers fall into this grade. They are generally found in household electrical appliances, plumbing system and electrical wiring system.

  1. Copper pipe – free of any fittings and excessive paint works
  2. Copper tape
  3. Bright Copper less than 2.5mm 
  4. Tin-coated copper (Bus bar, wire braid etc)

Grade 3 Copper/ Motor Copper

This type of copper is commonly found inside transformers or electric motors. It has a darker coating compared to the rest of the coppers. Scrapping electric motor for this copper is not easy and you should proceed only with personal safety protection. 

What else can I do to get more cash ?

Accumulate more
In addition to sorting out into different grades, the next best thing you can do is to accumulate your copper. In the trading world, weight is king. If you have 2000kg of scrap copper compared to 20kg, there is a good chance that you will be offered a higher price than the latter. 

Ask for 3 quotations
You can also do your due diligence by checking with 3 companies before deciding to sell your copper. This way, you can be certain that you are being provided the best market price of copper in the market. 

Weigh it yourself first
Find out the weight of your copper first by weighing it with a scale to prevent any fraud. Then call around to ask for the best price. 

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