If it’s scrap copper, it’s money! 

Among all the common types of scrap metal that you can find in Singapore, scrap copper is the most valuable in terms of per kilogram. 

How to maximize copper sales

In order to sell something well, you must first be the master of it.  Scrap yards in Singapore generally take in all kinds of copper but they pay different price for different copper grades. They usually have their own prices based on their own grades of copper . We hope that you will learn how to master the difference between copper grades in general through this article by sorting out your copper before heading down to scrap yards to maximize your best scrap value. 

Grade 1 / No.1 Copper / M1 Copper

The most valuable and highest paying grade of copper. 

  • Stripped from any form of insulation
  • The thickness of each strand of copper should be more than 2.5mm in general ( As a guide, the pencil lead that we use in school)
  • Clean
  • Bright
  • Clear from any form of contaminants which includes signs of oxidation and very negligible amount of patina. 


Grade 2/ No. 2 Copper/ M2

Many different kinds of copper fall into this grade. They are generally found in household electrical appliances, plumbing system and electrical wiring system.

  1. Copper pipe – free of any fittings and excessive paint works
  2. Copper tape
  3. Bright Copper less than 2.5mm
  4. Tin-coated copper


Grade 3 Copper/ Motor Copper

This type of copper is commonly found inside transformer or electric motor. It has a darker coating compared to the No. 1 Copper. Scrapping electric motor for this copper is not easy and you should proceed only with personal safety protection. 
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