Scrap cables and wires recycling specialist. 

Why sell scrap cables to us? 

Sin Hong Poh Metal Trading is an industry leading scrap copper cables and wires recycling company that is well proven with over 20 years of experience. Our expertise and knowledge will provide you with the best price for your scrap cables and therefore, maximizing your profits.  

We have listed below some of the common types of cables that we recycle daily in our yard. 

  • Power cables – High Tension (HT) and Low-Tension cables (LT)
  • Household copper wires
  • Flexible copper cables
  • Flame Retardant (FR) copper wires/ cables
  • Telecommunication copper wires
  • Marine cables



Collect $

Sell by length or by weight? We can do both! 

By Length

As the leading specialist in this industry, we are able to quote your cables by meter. Yes! You read it right, they can be $5/m, $38/m , $80/m or even $168/m. 

For expensive electrical cables, we recommend our customers to sell by length . This method is the most convenient way for our customers to find out their cables’ scrap value even before sending it down to the yard. This method upholds our value in honest and transparent business transactions with our customers. 

Recycling with us can be done in 3 easy steps.

  1. Simply send us the information of your cables and we can give you the quote per metre.
  2. Arrange to send down your cables to our scrap yard or collection service from us.
  3. Collect your payment on the spot.

By Weight


We can quote your materials per kg as well, just like other conventional recycling companies, whichever method is your preference. 


Our weighing scale is calibrated and certified yearly by an Authorised Verifier which has been assessed under SPRING Singapore’s Designation Scheme to perform weighing instruments verification for trade use. 


Annually calibrated weighing scale

What is the price of scrap wires?


The value of a scrap wire depends several factors. They are namely: 


  1. The copper content inside the cable
  2. The type of copper inside the cable
  3. Labour hours for stripping the cable
  4. Armoured cable Vs Non-Armoured cable
  5. The current market rate of copper

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