Scrap Cables and Copper Wires

Sell copper cables by length or weight? We can do BOTH!

Method 1 - Sell Scrap cables by length ($/m)

If you have been a victim of weighing scale fraud when selling your copper cables, we understand the frustration and the impact it can have on your trust and financial well-being. At our company, we offer a transparent and fair solution to ensure you receive the full valuation of your copper cables.

By selling your cables based on their meter length, you have the advantage of knowing the exact amount of cable you are selling. This eliminates any hidden fees or surprises that may arise when using traditional weighing scales. With this approach, you can confidently calculate the value of your cables without the need to leave your office.

Our transparent pricing method gives you peace of mind and helps to restore confidence in the selling process.

Verification Seal

Method 2 - Sell scrap Copper cables by weight ($/kg)

Rest assured, we prioritize the accuracy and reliability of our weighing scale. To ensure its validity for trade use, we have the scale verified and certified annually by external vendors who are registered with Enterprise Singapore. You can view our calibration certificate by clicking on the provided link.

Furthermore, we strictly adhere to the use of indicators that are registered under Enterprise Singapore. These indicators come with a verification seal to guarantee that they have not been tampered with. This extra layer of security ensures the integrity of our weighing process and provides you with peace of mind knowing that our measurements are accurate and trustworthy.

We take the calibration and verification of our weighing scale seriously to maintain the highest standards of precision and fairness in our transactions.

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Get a quote for your Copper cables Today!

At our company, we specialize in recycling scrap cables and prioritize honest and transparent business transactions with our customers. We offer two options for selling scrap copper cables: by length and by weight, catering to different customer preferences.

When selling valuable scrap copper cables or cables that are still in drums, we recommend selling by length. This method allows you to know the exact amount you will be paid even before visiting our facility. We value the importance of transparency and ensure that our customers have a clear understanding of the expected payment.

If you prefer to sell by weight, we are equally committed to fair trading practices. Our competitive pricing is coupled with a dedication to protecting our customers’ interests. We strive to provide a fair valuation for your scrap cables based on the following factors:

  1. Copper Content: The percentage of copper in the cable affects its value. Higher copper content generally results in a higher valuation.

  2. Cable Diameter: Thicker cables often have more copper content, contributing to a higher valuation.

  3. Cable Insulation: The type and quality of insulation on the cables may impact the valuation. Insulation that is more difficult to remove or contains contaminants may result in a slightly lower valuation.

  4. How many Cores

  5. Is it armoured or non-armoured


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