Scrap Cables and Copper Wires

Sell copper cables by length or weight? We can do BOTH!

Sell Scrap cables by length ($/m)

Victim of a weighing scale fraud?  Receive full valuation of your copper cables just by multiplying our quote with its full length. No hidden fees or surprises. You get to know the full valuation without weighing the cables and leaving your office. 

Verification Seal

Sell scrap Copper cables by weight ($/kg)

Our weighing scale is verified and passed as being fit for trade use annually by external vendors who are registered with Enterprise Singapore. 

In addition, we only use indicators that are registered under Enterprise Singapore which comes with a verification seal to ensure that it has not being tampered before . 

Scrap cables
Single core cable​
Marine Cable
FR cable
HV cable
Scrap cables
Multi Cores Cable
Sell in drums and get your quote by meter
We buy all types of copper cable
Scrap Cable
Scrap cable collection @ Singapore Cables Manufactuer(SCM), Prysmian Group.
Scrap cable collection @ SP group

Get a quote for your Copper cables Today!

Recycling scrap cables is our area of expertise. For valuable scrap copper cables or cables that are still in drums, we recommend our customers to sell by length . This method upholds our value in honest and transparent business transactions with our customers. You will know exactly how much you will be paid even before coming down! 

For selling by weight, we are also the company to work with! We pride ourselves in fair trading on top of competitive pricing to ensure that our customers’ interest is protected. 

The valuation of the scrap cable depends on the following: 

scrap cable
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