Why measuring is better than weighing?

Sell scrap cable by metre

We recommend our customers to sell their scrap cables by metre to maximize their profit. While weighing is faster, sell by metre will help you to gain more profits! 

Factors that could decrease your profits 

Firstly, cables that are being retrieved from the ground could contain water and soil. This could add on to the weight of the cables. Therefore, you may receive a lower price than usual due to the contamination. 

soiled cable

Secondly, for cables that are still reeled inside their drums, it is unclear what is the net weight of the drum to subtract off. Hence, this could result in a dilemma between buyer and seller.

Last but not least, weighing your cables by a weighing bridge may give you less than what you will receive. This is because of the scale interval that could be 10kg or 20kg. Therefore, if your cable is valued at $6.00/kg, you could be losing $60 or $120 each time you weigh.  

Sell by metre 

With over 20 years of experience buying scrap cable, we are able to calculate the value of the cable based on the number of cores and size of the copper. Therefore, we can give you the price of your scrap cables per meter instantly. 

We prefer to purchase our cables by metre because no matter how contaminated a cable is, the copper content inside a meter of cable doesn’t change. In addition, the weight of the drum doesn’t affect us either. Therefore, we are able to give you the best price of your scrap cable based on the copper content alone and no other external factors. 

With the details of your scrap cables and our price per metre, this help you to decide easier which company offers the BEST price. It is our promise here to measure every cables accurately and carefully. 


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