5 Household Copper Wires That You Can Sell for Money

Extra income (And Doing your part by Recyling)

Copper wires are a valuable commodity that can be easily collected and sold for a reasonable price with minimal effort. You can find these wires in a range of household items, from small light fixtures to major appliances. Electrical appliances such as electric cookers, washing machines, televisions, refrigerators, old telephones, and lighting wiring are just a few examples.

Once you have snipped off the wires, you can maximize your profits by selling the steel body parts as well. Additionally, major appliances often contain small transformers with copper wiring that can be sold for even more money. Don’t let these valuable resources go to waste – collect and recycle your copper wires today!

5 Types of copper wires

We have provided a list below of the types of wire that are commonly used at home that you can scrap for money when they are no longer useful . You can sell your scrap wires for more money if you separate according to the types when you bring down to any recycling yard.

copper wires

Mixed Wires

Generally a mixture of multiple-cores insulated copper wires. This type of wires can be easily found on your electrical appliances like fridge, oven, microwave, washing machine, multiple plug extensions etc.

Because of its wide use, it is the most common wire you can find in any household.

1.5 mm and 2.5mm colourful wires

Single core PVC wire with 7 strands of copper wire inside . This type of wire can be easily identified by its bright PVC insulation. 

It has a better price in the market than the multiple cores wire because of its higher copper content.

Data Cable

This type of data transmission copper wire can be found at your wifi box or lan cables that are used to connect to the internet and printer.

It is slowly becoming obsolete due to the emerging popularity of using fibre optic cables and devices going wireless. Nevertheless, it is still widely used in large data centres. 

Flexible single core wires

As the name suggests, this type of copper wire is usually found inside appliances where there is limited space and the wire has to be flexible enough to be bend. 

It can be found if you dismantle your washing machines, dryers and other electrical appliances. And if you have the opportunity, it can also be found inside your car .

copper price in singapore

Single core copper cable

The most valuable type of copper wire in this list, and this type of large copper wire can be found inside your household electrical panel box. 

However, we think there is absolutely no reason for you to remove it unless you are a licensed electrical technician or planning to have it replaced by a contractor. 

How can I do to increase the scrap value?

1. Remove any other attachments to the copper wires

Copper wires has a layer of insulation and often comes with attachments. These attachments usually bring down their scrap value as it requires additional labor work. . Examples of attachments are the steel armor wires and the 3 pin power plug that can be found at every household.

3. Sell in large quantity

If you have the time and space, start collecting all of your wires and sell them in bulk. The heavier the wires, the better your negotiating power. 

2. The bigger the copper, the higher the value

Just like precious stones , the bigger the copper, the higher the price that it can be sold. The ratio of the insulation to the copper in important as well. 

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