Household Copper Wires That You Can Sell for Money

Copper wires are easy to collect and you can sell them for a reasonable price.

Types of Wires

We have provided a list below of the types of wire that are commonly used at home that you can scrap for money when they are no longer useful .

You can sell your scrap wires for more money if you separate according to the types we have listed below.

  1. Mixed wires – Multi-cores insulated wires
  2. 729 wires – 1.5mm / 2.5mmcopper-wires-1.jpg
  3. Flexible wires – Single core insulated copper wirecopper-wires-4.jpg
  4. Telecommunication wires – data cables 


Where to start?

These wires can be found from small light fixtures to major appliances. For example, they can be found inside our electrical appliances like electric cooker, washing machines, televisions, refrigerators, old telephones and lighting wiring. Once you have snipped off the wires, you can also make the most out of scrapping it by selling off the steel body parts as well. In addition, the small transformer inside major appliances contains copper wiring as well that can be sold for extra money.

What else besides grouping the wires to increase the scrap value?

Copper wires has a layer of insulation and often comes with attachments. These attachments usually bring down their scrap value as it requires additional labor work. . Examples of attachments are the steel armor wires and the 3 pin power plug that can be found easily at home.

Which type of wire is more valuable?

A general rule of thumb : Wires with higher content of copper can be sold for higher value.

If you have the time and space, start collecting all of your wires today! Our recommendation will be to keep till you have about 30 to 40kg and removed all the attachments to get maximum value. Finally, get paid for your scrap wires by bringing it down to Sin Hong Poh Metal Trading. Do not attempt to strip off the insulation by hand as it is dangerous and does not add much value to the wire.

For the best price, bring your scrap down to Sin Hong Poh Metal Trading. We offer the most competitive price for all types of scrap metal, wires and others.  

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