Sell Your Scrap Cables & Metals For The Best Price

Copper, Stainless steel, Aluminium , Zinc & Other Non-Ferrous Metals

Protecting Your Profits

Protecting Your

Our  annually verified weighing scale by verifier registered with Enterprise Singapore means that our customers  will 
never be short-changed.

Competitive Pricing Strategies

Sell metal by weight (S$/kg)

Sell to us with a peace of mind using our annually verified weighing scale.

Sell cables by metre (S$/m)

Get full valuation of your scrap cables instantly by multiplying with its total length.

Sell by lump sum ($$)

Everything out, one price.

We Make It a Breeze To Sell

1 +
Working Employments
80 +
Happy clients
10 +
Years Experience

Fast and prompt professional service 

Call or whatsapp us at our company’s mobile number.
All customers will receive our manager’s personal attention who has many years of experience in scrap metal recycling. We take pride in our work and you will receive professional service to your recycling needs, regardless of the amount you are selling.

Upfront quotation 

Get your quote instantly without having to drop by our place. Send us photos of your scrap to get better mutual understanding. Full payment will be made to you upon selling us your scrap cables and metals.

Scrap Cable

Trusted by Professionals

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