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You are in Enterprise Singapore Regulated Hands

Our weighing scales under annual certification to ensure compliance with the Weights and Measures Act ,verifying their accuracy for trade use. 

The scale indicator features a magnified display with a large LED readout, providing customers with clear and precise readings. Additionally, it is equipped with a Republic of Singapore (RS) seal, attesting to its integrity and confirming that it has not been tampered with. 

View the certificate for our weighing scales here.

Verification Seal

Get Started

1. Get valuation offer

Whatsapp us with the estimated weight and photos of your scrap cables or metals

Our team will respond to you within 3 hrs with our most competitive price. You will receive what you are quoted on the phone within the validity period

2. Receive accurate readings

Make your own way down to our place to sell the scrap. We are located near IKEA Tampines. Our staff will sort your metals/wires for you and explain to you if you have any questions.

For industrial companies, you can arrange collection service with us. Please note that we do not provide residential collection service.

3. Same Day Payment

Prompt and Secure contactless payment

Competitive Pricing Strategies

Sell metals by weight (S$/kg)

Sell to us with a peace of mind using our annually verified weighing scale & indicator registered with Enterprise Singapore.

Sell cables by metre (S$/m)

Get full valuation of your scrap cables instantly by multiplying with its total length.

Sell by lump sum (S$)

Everything out, one price.

Better Value than 95% of Recycling Companies

Based on feedback from New and existing customers

Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp We are here to help!
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