Used/Secondhand Jumbo Bags

We supply these light weight and high quality jumbo bags. These jumbo bags have only been used to handle material once and therefore are still in very good working conditions. 

We carry and utilize these secondhand jumbo bags for our own storage of heavy scrap metals and waste .  These bags have proven to be effective for storing, handling and transportation of general waste, sand, scrap metals and by product of chemical treatment.

Contact us today if you are to find out more about bulk purchase price.


The details of our secondhand jumbo bags are as follows:

  1. 4 points lifting
  2. Fill spout type inlet
  3. Discharge spout type outlet
  4. Jumbo bag capacity: SWL 1000kg, MAX LOAD 1500KG
  5. Sizes: 100 * 100 * 120 cm
secondhand jumbo bags
secondhand jumbo bags, used jumbo bags
used jumbo bags , secondhand jumbo bags
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