Sell Scrap Metal

Sell Scrap Metal

Singapore Scrap Metal Recycling

Welcome to Sin Hong Poh Metal Trading. Our company recycles all types of scrap metal on a large scale basis, and that means we are able to provide competitive pricing for your scrap metals.  

Among all the common types of scrap metal that you can find in Singapore, copper is the most valuable. Following which, bronze, brass and other non-ferrous metals are valuable as well. The easiest way to tell the difference between a ferrous and non-ferrous metal is to use a magnet.

A magnet assesses the value of scrap metals

It is useful to know your type of metal when it comes to maximising your cash returns.

Metals that doesn’t attract to magnet are mostly more valuable. You don’t need a very power magnet for testing, just use those that you stick on your fridge is good enough. Ferrous meals are usually those that attracts to magnets. While they are not as valuable, ferrous metal are easy to find so you get more quantity in a shorter time.  Once you have separated your metals, bring down to our scrap yard to get them recycled and exchanged for money.

What are the common items to salvage valuable scrap metals?

According to NEA website, in 2017, 7.7 million tonnes of waste was generated and only 61% was recycled. Do your part in saving the environment and earn cash for it at the same time. Insulated wires is a good start if you are looking to sell valuable metals. They can be found inside electronic appliances that people usually throw away once they aren’t working anymore. 

Household items to recover scrap metals include : Air conditioning units, Aluminium cans, Electrical appliances, Dryers, Hot water heater, Ladders, Plumbing fixtures, Sinks and Steel cabinets.

Other small items recoverable include : Aluminium window, Ballast, Batteries, Water taps, Circuit breakers, Compressors,  Copper pipe, Electrical wires and Fishing weights. 

We offer competitive price for all types of scrap metals

Communication with you is what we value. Call or whatsapp us today to get your free quotation! 

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