7 types of scrap metals

Scrap metals can be sold to recycling yards for cash and here we have listed 7 common types of scrap metals that you can salvage from your day-to-day scrap for money. 


Commonly known as Dr Copper to investors, copper is considered to be an excellent indicator to the health of global economy. It is widely used across core industries like heavy industries, motor industries, communication industries and electrical industries.

You can easily find scrap copper all around you. For example, inside home electronics like computers, washers, dryers, fridges and old television.  Scrap copper yields the most money (per kg) out of all the scrap metals listed in here.  For more information on types of scrap copper wires, continue to read more here.


It is mainly used for extending the life of other materials such as steel, plastics and wood through the process of galvanization. In short, it is the process of applying a layer of protective zinc coating on steel to prevent rusting. In Singapore, we use galvanized steel lamp post on our streets and roads because of its excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion. 

You can find zinc metal in day to day items like our race medals and window handles and for industrial use as zinc anodes. 

aluminium cans


This soft but popular metal is another type of widely used metal because of its low density and ability to resist rust. Aluminium is extensively recycled because it cost lesser to recycle it than to extract it from its ores.


Aluminium encompasses so many products ranging from window frames, aluminium foils, cooking pots and to used beverage containers. Aluminium can also be used as a conductor of electricity for electrical wires. However, most of the insulated aluminium wires have no scrap value due to its nature of low value. 

Stainless Steel

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Instructors: Peter Price, Amber Willis, Samuel White


A type of copper alloy which consists the mixture of Zinc and Copper. Some of the common household brass scrap that you will find are brass faucets, serving trays, brass door handles and lamps.


This ductile metal is widely used for car batteries, fishing weights, radiation protection and in some solders. 

Lead is considered as a hazardous metal and long term exposure to this metal without the appropriate care and protection could lead to health issues.

Carbon Steel

Unlike stainless steel, carbon steel rust over time and exposure to the atmospheric conditions. There are 3 types of carbon steel –  low carbon, medium carbon and high carbon steel.



Some of the common carbon steel scraps are body panels for car and appliances, nuts and screws, shafts, hammers, iron rod, high tensile wire, gears and cutting tools.

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Carbon steel


Stainless Steel , Zinc, Aluminium and Brass



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