Zinc Scrap

We buy in all types of zinc scrap

We buy in all types of zinc scrap such as ash and dross. We have been exporting zinc scrap to overseas smelters for 20 over years and our sources are from local companies, recently expanded to India’s market as well as local scrap metal recycling reseller.
With the large quantity in hand, we incur lower processing cost and thus, we are able to provide competitive price for your zinc scrap.

Types of zinc metal that we buy:

  1. Casting scrap
  2. Dross
  3. Ash
  4. Anode

Analysis and sampling 

Sin Hong Poh Metal Trading with accredited third party independent testing labs to ensure that we provide our customers with accurate and reliable test results as customers satisfactions are of the utmost importance to our continued success.

Zinc Anode Vs Aluminium Anode


Zinc and aluminium anode can be easily confused due to their close resemblance. They are used in the shipping industries and replaced when required. One of the easiest way to differentiate them is to go by weight. Zinc anode is usually heavier than aluminium anode. 

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zinc anode
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