Zinc Scrap

We buy in all types of zinc scrap

We are the direct exporter and this will minimize the cost by eliminating the middleman. Therefore, we are able to offer you a higher scrap value as compared to other companies.

Types of zinc metal that we buy:

  1. Casting scrap
  2. Dross
  3. Ash
  4. Anode

Analysis and sampling 

Sin Hong Poh Metal Trading collaborates with accredited third-party independent testing labs. This partnership ensures that we deliver accurate and reliable test results to our customers. We prioritize customer satisfaction as it is crucial for our ongoing success.

Zinc Anode Vs Aluminium Anode


Zinc and aluminium anodes share a close resemblance, making them prone to confusion. These anodes are commonly employed in the shipping industry and are replaced as needed. To differentiate between them, one of the simplest methods is to consider their weight. Typically, zinc anodes are heavier than aluminium anodes.

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zinc scrap
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zinc anode
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