5 tips on selling copper wires

1. Sort your wires before selling 

Before selling copper wires, it is crucial to sort them according to their grades, which are determined by the percentage of copper in the wire. To get the best value for your copper wires, you should learn how to separate them into different grades. If you are unsure about the different types of household wires, we recommend reading our blog entry on the topic.

2. If possible, remove the insulation. 

If possible, remove the insulation from the wires as it can increase the value of the copper per kg. However, you should factor in the time, cost of electricity (if using a machine), and disposal fees for the insulation. It is also important to wear personal safety equipment like hand gloves as a precautionary measure while removing the insulation.

3. Like diamond, the bigger the copper, the higher the value.

In general, the bigger the copper wire in ratio to its insulation, the higher its value. This is similar to how the size of a diamond affects its value.

4. Profitable side business

Collecting and recycling scrap wires can be a profitable side business as there is a significant amount of electronic waste in Singapore. According to a recent article in the Straits Times, most Singaporeans are unaware of how to recycle, so there is a high chance of finding scrap metals and wires in HDB neighborhoods.

5. Ask for 3 quotes

For the best price, bring your scrap down to Sin Hong Poh Metal Trading. We offer the most competitive price for all types of scrap metal, wires and others.  Have a question to ask? Leave a comment below or contact us today for more information!

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