7 Best Kept Secrets of Smart Copper Sellers

Sell Copper solids to the highest price

There are many different grades of copper and they have different prices. The best grade is known as the “M1” or “A1” grade which has a high value of about $7.80 to $8.10 per kg ( Oct, 2018) . M1 grades are clean copper strands that are larger than the pencil lead we use in school. 

Clean up

Always remove any kind of contaminants from your copper like paper, insulation, attachments and any other non copper items.  It may require a work from you but hard work does pay off!  Copper solids that have attachments or are not clean are accepted as well but they are known as 2nd grade copper and have a lower price than the best grade. It is best to check with your scrap vendor the value of both coppers to see if its worth the effort to clean up the copper! 

Strip copper wires

Stripping your copper wires gives you more money! However, it may not always be the case depending on your speed and how efficient are you in stripping down. Sometimes it is better to sell the insulated copper than to strip it. Do not attempt to strip the wires down using your bare hands as it is dangerous.

Separate wires by types

Separating the wires according to their types gives saves the work from the scrap yard and thus, in return you get more money! We have written a blog post on how to separate them. 

Work with someone you trust 

Develop a relationship with a dealer who has a good reputation, is well established in the scrap community, and is the most qualified to process your specific scrap. 

At Sin Hong Poh Metal Trading, we strive to be “The Choice” for your industrial metal scrap and recycling needs. We aim to do this by providing competitive pricing to help our customers increase their bottom line profitability and providing outstanding customer service. 

The value of scrap metal can change daily due to market price fluctuations and you can trust us to always offer you the most competitive price.

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