Free Wooden Drums/ Reels Disposal

Wooden Drums takes up precious space, are dangerous to stack up and not cheap to dispose even at wood waste disposal yard. Here at Sin Hong Poh Metal Trading, we can help you to dispose your unwanted wooden drums/reels for FREE if it fulfills our requirements. 

On a day to day basis, we deal with many scrap cable sellers and part of our service includes disposing off their unwanted wooden drums/ reels for free. We provide you with a one-stop solution service so you don’t have to worry about how to dispose off your wooden drums. 

Minimize your Overall Disposal Cost

At Sin Hong Poh Metal Trading, we believe in helping our customers to maximize their scrap profits and minimize your disposal cost. General Disposal Fees are increasing every year at a steady rate here at Singapore. Companies are unknowingly paying hard earned money for scrap that could be disposed for free or even money! 

A quick check at any local wood waste disposal yards can tell you that it cost about $50 to $90 SGD per tonnage to dispose wood waste. If you factor in the transportation cost , it can easily cost you more than $150 per trip. That’s about the daily wage of two general workers ! Having said that, we are sure the money can be spent wisely elsewhere. 

Wooden cable drums can be recycled. Do your part for the environment today and save on your disposal cost at the same time. Contact us today to find out more.