Recycling of Wooden Cable Drum/ Reel

Secondhand/ Used Cable Drum

We carry secondhand cable drum with flange size ranging from 0.5m to 1.6m. They are good condition drums that can be reused again for different kinds of purposes.  The size is not exhaustive so please contact us to find out more and check on availability. 

secondhand cable drum
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Secondhand drum

Recycle Cable Drum

Wooden cable drum or wooden reel can be recycled. Do your part for the environment today and save on your disposal cost at the same time. Call us today to get a valuation. 

We believe in helping our customers to maximize their scrap profits and minimize their disposal cost. General Disposal Fees are increasing every year at a steady rate here at Singapore. Companies are unknowingly paying hard earned money for scrap that could be disposed for free or even money! 

A quick check at any local wood waste disposal yards can tell you that it cost about $50 to $90 SGD per tonnage to dispose wooden cable drum. If you factor in the transportation cost , it can easily cost you more than $200 per trip. That’s about the daily wage of a few workers ! Having said that, we are sure the money can be spent wisely elsewhere. 


wooden cable drum
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