About Us

Strong Background

Sin Hong Poh Metal Trading was incorporated in 1998 with a vision to transform traditional scrap metal recycling to a modern, transparent and customer-oriented business. With over two decades of experience dealing with scrap metal, we are able to leverage on our expertise to provide you with a higher level of service that will leave you satisfied. Over the years, we have established ourselves to be the leading recycling company dealing with scrap cables, copper and other non-ferrous metals.

Global and Local Recognition


 From a humble beginning , we have made significant progress to become one of the most locally recognized non ferrous metal recycling companies. We work closely with local industrial factories, fellow recycling partners, demolition works and building constructions contractors to help them meet their recycling demands. 

In recent years, we have also built extensive connections with international markets from China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Pakistan, India, Korea and more to provide competitive prices for our customers.

Customers that we have served over the years.. (and many more)

 Our Commitment


As a family owned business, we are dedicated to our work in order to lay a grounded and loyal foundation for the company.  We value our customers and their service experience with us. We offer our best competitive price and service whenever we serve you. We believe in building long term business relationship through mutual trust and respect. 

Our Goal


We strive to be “The Choice” for your industrial metal scrap and recycling needs. We aim to do this by providing competitive pricing to help our customers increase their bottom line profitability and providing outstanding customer service. Your utmost satisfaction and success is our goal. 

Licences & Certificates

National Environmental Agency

Toxic Industrial Waste Collector licence 

National Environmental Agency

General Waste Disposal Facility

Singapore Police Force

Secondhand Goods Dealership licence

Enterprise Singapore

Verified 5 tonne Weighing Scale

Workplace Safety and Health

Bizsafe Level : 3

(Licences and certificates are all available upon request.)

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