Wire Stripping Machine

Wire stripping machines

Cut and strip copper cables with our high performance and durable wire stripping machines! They can process many different kinds of scrap copper wires and up to 500mm copper size. Not only do we supply them, we also use them! 

Separating the insulation can return you higher recycling prices. Even though most of the insulation materials have to be disposed , some of them can also be sold for monetary returns. As such, these wires separator machines will pay for itself over and over again in the long run. Therefore, it is no doubt an excellent investment for users who collect electrical wires or works in electrical wiring industry. 


  1. They contain 5 to 8 different channels of cutting wheels for stripping copper wires .
  2. Adjustable tension functionality.
  3. New design wire guide brings the smaller wire closer to the blade
  4. Adjustable blade and roller helps your to increase the your stripping efficiency.
  5. Can be operated by just 1 person
  6. Quick blade change

Contact us today @ 8779 8020 to find out more ! You can also watch the videos below to learn more about the wire stripping machines. At the moment, we offer two types of stripping machines for different types of users. One of which is the light industrial user and the other is suitable for heavy industrial user.

Light Industrial use


Light and quiet wire stripping machine. Suitable for use inside “HDB” flats and powered by 3 pin-plug adapter. This stripping machine can be operated by just one man and has user friendly interface. 

Heavy Industrial Use

Wire stripping machine
Wire stripping machine

Powered by 4 pin-plug adapter. This stripping machine can be operated by just one man and has user friendly interface as well. 

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