Established since 1998, Sin Hong Poh Metal Trading is Singapore’s first recycling company who is able to quote your scrap cables by meters.  

With three decades of experience recycling copper cables & non ferrous metals, we are able to leverage on our expertise to provide you with a higher level of service that will leave you satisfied.

By selling your cables based on their length, you have the advantage of knowing the exact value of the cables that you are selling. This eliminates any hidden fees or surprises that may arise when using the traditional weighing scale method. With this approach, you can confidently calculate the scrap value of your cables instantly.

You can reach us by email admin@sinhongpoh.com or whatsapp 8779 8020

We started off as a company recycling all types of scrap metals, but eventually found our niche in recycling 22 kv cables. Our company logo is designed with the resemblance of the 3 cores 22KV cable. This serves as a constant reminder of our early days’ struggles and eventual break through,  and to continually provide the best customer service experience for our clients.


Of course! Our weighing is verified and calibrated annually! You may verify this at the Enterprise Singapore website here

We have the option of making the payment for your scrap materials by 3 methods: 

  1. Cheque
  2. Paynow
  3. Bank Transfer

It is 100% safe and we make payments to all of our customers on the day of collection or after receiving invoice for B2B transactions.

Yes, we are licensed by the following government agency. 

  1. Singapore Police Force – Secondhand Goods Dealership
  2. National Environment Agency – General Waste Disposal Facilities
  3. National Environment Agency – Toxic Industrial Waste (PVC) 

Regulations under the Secondhand Goods Dealership (SHGD) Act Cap 288A – we have to keep proper records of the name, identification number, residential address or business address and nationality of the people that we purchased from. 

You may verify here 


Send us photos and information of your scrap materials. We will make our offer you upfront and the price remains locked for you until the transaction has been made. 

As metal prices fluctuates daily (especially copper), our quote is usually valid for the day, unless otherwise stated. 

For walk in customers, we usually recommend to bring at least 10kg in order to make the trip worthwhile. 

Definitely! The more you sell, the better the rate you will receive! 

It is best to tell us on the spot if you wish to do a refund as we may not be able to retrieve your scrap materials once you have sold it to us. 

WhatsApp We are here to help!
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