Copper Price in Singapore

At Sin Hong Poh Metal Trading, we follow the day-to-day copper price closely in order to provide our customer the latest trading price. 

Call/Whatsapp us @ 8779 8020 to check out the price of copper today. Before you sell your copper, make sure to check with the buyer for their weighing scale’s certificate to ensure that you are being paid the correct weight!

Daily Update Copper price

Copper prices in Singapore is driven by global supply and demand. As the third most used metal in the world (after iron and aluminium), its price can also be an indicator of global’s economy. To find out the price, use the following charts to get an estimate of the price that you should be receiving. Please note that you won’t be receiving 100% of what is stated because of factors like the copper’s grade and company’s running cost. 

Estimated Copper price in Singapore = [ (USD/Pound) / 0.453] * SGD/USD

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copper price in singapore
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Copper price in Singapore
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