Other Non Ferrous & Industrial Scraps

Sell us your industrial scrap metals and waste and join our growing list of companies who trust us to boost their business’ bottom line! 

Maximize Your Scrap Metal Profits

It is always preferred to repair or rework a product but sometimes scrapping off is inevitable. In the event that you need to scrap your products, contact us to find out if your materials can be recycled for a value . In most cases, scrap metals in any physical form or any electronic products can be sold for monetary returns.

One-Stop Scrap Metal Collection Service

We understand that taking the time and effort to recycle is not always easy for a company to manage and the tools may not be easily obtained. Therefore, this is why we provide a full range of recycling services to any business across Singapore. For example, we provide bins, steel oil drums and jumbo bags to collect your industrial scrap as required. In addition, we provide collection service as well with little lead time required. Whether you need our metal recycling services for a one-time clean out or for continuous service, you can expect us to deliver.

Industries That We Serve

From all over Singapore, we have been buying scrap metals and industrial waste from different industries. Most of our clients fall into the below categories :
  1. Electronics Appliances, Components and Equipment Industry
  2. Marine Industry
  3. Machinery Industry
  4. Precision Engineering Industry
  5. Building Industry
We are still constantly increasing our coverage and services. Our happy customers are our best assets.

Materials That We Take In

Metals can be sold is mostly any physical properties. In general, a solid form metal would command a higher value than the similar metal in dust form. We take in all forms of metal like baghouse dust, dross, tank bottoms and solids. The following are the most common, but not limited to, types of scrap materials that we take in.

  1. Decommissioned Machinery
  2. Defective machine parts
  3. Copper
  4. Aluminium
  5. Nickel 
  6. Stainless steel 
  7. Zinc 
  8. Brass
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industrial scrap
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Scrap copper
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